Fame The Musical

Fame- The Musical is one of the two titles that staged the 1980 musical “Fame.” This musical is created by David De Silva, music by Steve Margoshes, lyrics by Jacques Lew and was written into a book by Jose Fernandez. It was in 1988 at Miami, Florida when this musical was premiered. The other title for the musical fame was “Fame on 42nd Street.” this was performed on Broadway in 2003 to 2004. De Silva Produced a musical film out of the musical play Fame during 1980. It is about the high school performing arts in New York City. The film became very successful to the point that a six-season series was created out of it. A reality show and a musical was also made out of this film. There are a lot of rendition of the “Fame-The Musical.

First Act Summary

It all start with a group young people coming from different ethnicity, culture and races to audition for the New York City’s High School Of Performing Arts. For every scene there are different songs being performed. As their homeroom teacher gives them advises on how to survive the class, the music “hard work” was performed. The “I Wanna Make Magic” song was performed by the character nick who used to be a child actor as he wishes to touches the lives of people through emotions. During the dram class, as their teacher Mr. Meyers asked how physical sensations affect emotional responses, a students name Joe sang the song ‘Can’t Keep It Down”. This song explains how he responds emotionally when she thinks of a girl, specifically Carmen. Another song was when a love triangle was developed among Tyron and his ballerina partner Irish and his girlfriend Carmen. When Irish mocked the dancing skills of Tyron, he made rap song against it. Then, Irish apologized right before she gave him a kiss. Another song is performed by Serena expressing her love for Nick. This song is entitled “Let’s Play a Love Scene.” Another love story is developed between Carmen and the band violinist Schlomo, which led to Carmen and others singing “There She Goes/Fame.” Later on, Miss Sherman warned Tyron that he must focus on his studies of else he will not be joining the Fall Festival. Miss Bell defends Tyron on his passion for his artistic endeavors. This is when the song “ The Teachers Argument” takes place.

Second Act

Act 2 is right after the Fall Festival during their junior years. A heavyweight dancer named Mabel, prays to god for an epiphany through the song”Mabel’s Prayer.” Serena got the role as Juliet in Romeo and Juliet, the Nick congratulated her. Joe was selected to play romeo which surprised Serena and Nick, which raised the tension among the three. Schlomo and Carmen’s relationship is also threatened as she is bound to leave school and head to Hollywood. Scholomo went to the agent’s limousine and accused them of using illegal drugs. Schlomo end up alone and frustrated. There is still a lot of drama that will take place in the second act, but it will become a spoiler if this article spills it all out.


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